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A Roguelike Deckbuilder On Your Browser

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Assemble your team of Smolegends and make your way through the dangerous lands of Smolheim to defeat the evil summoner and its minions!

Note: The game is still very much in development. More info will be revealed soon.
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Gameplay Preview

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    Slay Monsters!

  • game buy cards screen

    Build Your Deck!

  • game rewards screen

    Collect Loots!

  • game buy cards screen

    Choose Your Path!

  • game shop screen

    Buy Items!

  • game shop screen

    Power Up!

150+ Playable Cards

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  • card


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Smolegends Traits

  • 30+ Classes
  • 38+ Headgears
  • 7+ Alignments
  • 33+ Footgears
  • 40+ Weapons
  • 10+ Heads
  • 37+ Bodies
  • 20+ Backs & Pets
  • 39+ Items

Game First,
Token Second

Our main goal is to create a game that is fun, easy to play, and can be played on any browser. So we want to focus our energy on building the actual game and listening to community feedback. Game development have priority over everything else.

we have a future plan to launch game related NFTs/tokens as this will be a great way to support the development of the game and reward dedicated players for their contributions.